Spiritual Highlights

A 1 minute read, Posted by Vanessa Guedes on Mon, Jan 2, 2017
In Short Stories
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there is a light that never goes out after 3pm. in Sweden, during the winter. it goes in a spiritual retreat after the first cool wind blow and it drives people crazy when they see the light for a couple of minutes once a week — that moment when everybody looks like plants doing photosynthesis in their heavy dark coats. they try to reach the light to get some wisdom: dear light, tell us how to live humbly and be fulfilled in life. tell us how to better recycle our precious waste. how to protect the nature. how to drink less. 6 months later this light is in everywhere and goes away only for three hours a day, when we are outsmarted by the hours and never know what time is. yes, there is a monk light that sometimes goes out here.