Hello. I am Vanessa Guedes, the author of the Lagom Tales serie and some other short pieces. I write some fiction tales and book reviews in this website. Feel free to contact me through the links in the end of this page.

I usually work strictly with short stories but I am venturing into a novel now. Science fiction and horror are my favorite genres and I try to stick to it. But eventually I take a chance on poetry and realism. I started writing my first stories when I was 12 and never stopped since then. I was born in 1990, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where I grew up surrounded by books and was strongly encouraged to develop a career in writing. I ended up having a break from the dream and became a full-time programmer, which is funny since I keep writing - but telling stories to the computers. Currently I live in Stockholm, Sweden, learning how to ice skate and appreciating the cold weather. I have attended to many creative writing courses and intend to participate in some anthologies and independent publications soon.

This website is dedicated to my work in English, but you can find more about my pieces in Portuguese here.

I also write about writing and lifehacks on Medium.

For those who are very curious, this blog is run with Hugo. Adult supervision recommended to install it if you are not a programmer. Don’t say that I didn’t tell you.